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General conditions


→ In the event of adverse weather and sea conditions, the captain reserves the right to cancel (possibly return the deposit) / postpone the cruise in order to safeguard your cruise. safety

→ In the case of guests with particular difficulties or very young children, please advise at the time of booking in order not to run into unpleasant inconveniences and to better organize your exit.

→ For pets, check availability at the time of booking.

→ If the excursion services cannot be carried out due to bad weather or for reasons attributable to the company 107ConeroCruises, the customer will be entitled to a refund of the entire amount paid/deposit or to the recovery of the service on the first available date. If the customer is unable to take part in the tour, in order to be entitled to a full refund, he must notify it within 5 days prior to the day of the excursion, otherwise the amounts paid/deposit will be lost.

→ The company 107ConeroCruises reserves the right to cancel the service (by communicating it by telephone or email) in the event of adverse weather/marine conditions, up to 1 hour before the departure of the tour.

→ Refunds for cancellations made within the established terms will be paid within 24/36h depending on the payment method used for the booking.

→ The boat used to carry out the tours is certified by the relevant body, authorized by the local harbor master’s office, equipped with all the necessary safety devices and insured for the type of navigation undertaken.

→ The customer is not insured for all damages suffered/caused by his negligence and unauthorized behavior by the captain of the boat (both on board and during swimming breaks), and is also responsible for any accompanied minors.

→ To avoid seasickness, all those who are not expert sailors are advised to have a light meal before boarding and it is advisable to take a tablet or chew a chewing gum against seasickness at least half an hour before departure. departure.

→ With the purchase of the boat excursion service, the terms and conditions listed in this document are understood and accepted